Rating Woodson Bathrooms

How much do you know about our school bathrooms? Here is a handy guide to some of Woodson’s student restrooms.


Intersection of C and D Halls

Photo by Carolyn Bonafede






Boys: D106, Girls: D104

Location: 8/10. This bathroom is close to the gym, so there is always some excitement and energy in the air. This bathroom is most used by health, PE and some history students, and after school, some athletes.

Amenities: 9/10. The hand dryers work well, and the temperature of the sink water is pleasant, although sometimes it shuts down slightly too early.

Fun Fact: Both the girls’ and boys’ bathrooms have matching murals with the following message “We might be all different, but united we are Woodson”.


Intersection of A and B Halls (upstairs)

Photo by Carolyn Bonafede
Photo by Carolyn Bonafede







Boys: B213, Girls: A217

Location: 9/10. This bathroom is quite literally at the center of the school, so it is unsurprisingly one of the most heavily trafficked bathrooms in Woodson. If you have taken a foreign language, computer science, or math class at Woodson, it is fairly likely that this one would be your go-to bathroom.

Amenities: 7/10. In the girls’ bathroom, there are plenty of stalls, but the hand dryer does not immediately turn on; however, the mirrors are in mint condition. The boys’ bathroom is somewhat spacious, but the lock on one of the stalls does not work. 

Fun Fact: The entrances of these bathrooms lead directly into three different hallways: A, B, and G Halls.


E Hall (Performing Arts Wing)

Photo by Rohil Bhinge
Photo by Carolyn Bonafede










Boys: E135, Girls: E140

Location: 4/10. It’s not really close to anything other than some music classes. However, if you’re in that part of the school, it’s convenient. In addition, the bathroom’s far-flung location means that it sees little foot traffic.

Amenities: 9/10. The bathroom is pleasantly clean, and it is very spacious, especially in comparison to the cramped feeling of other bathrooms. The sinks and dryers work fine, but the bathroom is not equipped with a backpack rack, which can inconvenience student users.

Fun Fact: The girls’ bathroom in E Hall is the westernmost general bathroom in the school.


Intersection of F and L Halls

Photo by Rohil Bhinge
Photo by Rohil Bhinge
Photo by Leila Ali
Photo by Leila Ali







Boys: L115, Girls: F126

Location: 3/10. Like the E Hall bathrooms, this set of bathrooms is not immediately adjacent to any major landmarks in the school. However, these bathrooms best serve the multiple STEM labs in L Hall, as well as other neighboring classes and the Comprehensive Services Site (CSS) office.

Amenities: 8/10. While this bathroom has fewer stalls and feels narrow, the sinks have satisfyingly long run times and the hand dryers work well. The bathroom feels somewhat run-down, but the amenities work nicely.

Fun Fact: These bathrooms are by far the most colorful, artistic bathrooms in the school. The walls of both bathrooms are fully covered in visually appealing murals. 

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