Strangest Collections by Woodson Students

Lots of students have collections— the colorful array of posters being displayed on a bedroom wall, mysterious coins that have collectors squinting at their foreign letters and comic books are all objects commonly collected with the intent of entertainment and enjoyment. Although collecting is a popular hobby, some students take it further with their unique, intriguing and disbelieving collections.

Freshman Eve Kady has quite the collection of bath scrubs, a type of scrub made out of sugar crystals that’s designed to keep skin smooth, and body washes as well as items from Bath and Body Works. Scents like Moroccan rose, lemon blueberry tart, coconut lime and tropical mango are all in her collection. Eve’s bath scrubs are manufactured from the brand Tree Hut, which also makes lip scrubs as well as whipped body butter. 

Bath scrub collection Photo courtesy of Eve Kady

“I’m asking for more for my birthday,” Eve said, and after counting the total amount of bath scrubs and body washes she has, confirmed everything adds up to 54. 

“I need to stop buying these!” she exclaimed. 

When most people collect items, they’re either intended for display, use or financial value. A freshman’s collection of McDonald’s chicken nuggets doesn’t exactly serve any of these purposes, but his collection is truly unusual nonetheless, and quite frankly, hard to believe. The freshman, who agreed to be interviewed under condition of anonymity, has a collection of six McDonald’s chicken nuggets that are kept in the freezer so they don’t end up spoiling. The six chicken nuggets, which have been a collection for four years, are still sitting in a cardboard chicken nugget box.

“It’s something weird to keep a hold of,” the freshman said about his collection, which he’s had since the age of ten. He jokes about how “the longer you wait, the better they taste.” Hopefully, this still remains unknown. 

When taking a math test, an eraser is usually needed, but during a sixth-grade test, junior Aveek Sur didn’t have one. Only being able to cross out work when a mistake was made, he ended up failing his math test, which led to him collecting erasers.

“I used to never have erasers back then, I thought they were a complete waste of space,” he recalled. 

Aveek collects erasers from all different backgrounds, and his collection has around 20-30 erasers, which fluctuates depending on when his sister’s cats take them. His collection includes round erasers, erasers of different colors such as purple and white, and even an eraser that resembles a $100 bill. 

Eraser collection Photo by Aveek Sur

Collecting Magic: The Gathering trading cards doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, but once individuals have collected over 5,000 of them like junior Colin Jones has, it falls into the category of impressive. Magic: The Gathering cards are trading cards that came out in 1993, and they’re used to play a skill-based card game. Depending on certain cards players have, it can impact who wins the game. With around 35 million players worldwide, the MTG community is thriving.   

“My older cousin Harrison introduced me to them,” Colin stated. “He had lots of them, which inspired me to build a collection of my own.” 

Colin has an organizational system to keep his Magic: The Gathering cards categorized. He keeps the most valuable ones tucked away neatly in a binder, while the other nonprofitable cards are stored in long cardboard boxes. Colin has been a collector of these trading cards for four years in total.

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