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Can You Write Your Way Into College?

Dear Reader, you’re great. No need to fish for compliments. Now, switch the word “reader” with “Yale” and you have an example college essay that got the writer admitted into one of the most prestigious schools in the country. 


During my search to find unusual college essays, I got to read a lot of fun stuff. One thing they all had in common was creativity. Take a look: 


Beginning with a piece from a recent Vanderbilt applicant: When he was asked where he felt the most perfectly content, his response was his couch. He wrote about how it provided comfort and “when faced with the possibility of failure, [he is] tempted to bury [himself] in a mountain of cushions.”


An applicant from UVA wrote about why the is his favorite word. He raised the point on how “The has always been a great friend to [him], constantly aiding [him] in forming complex sentences and modifying nouns when [he] needed that perfect adjective.”  We’ve all been there. 


The next essay is often proclaimed as the most famous college essay. An NYU student wrote in sarcasm about how he’s done all these amazing things in life like writing operas, cooking 30 minute brownies in 20 minutes, and being scouted by the Mets, yet he hasn’t gone to college. NYU stated that they “strongly discourage students from writing essays in this style” and although it was creative, they share how it says really nothing about the applicants themselves. 


Another creative take on the college essay is when writers would use it as an opportunity to write a letter to their future roommate. I saw many examples of these essays, and each student made it in a unique way that told the reader a lot about them. 


One student wrote about how she is happiest when she is in her sister’s room. She describes how it is her favorite place by sharing the way the air circulates,  the sun sets, and how the door fits in its frame. 


Also, someone literally wrote a lengthy essay about the misuse of the word “literally.” 


A senior wrote about how she was ready, yet sorry, to move on from her relationship with High School, because she met this really great guy named College. The essay is her describing what she loves about them both and how she had to choose.

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