Prepare for SATs With These Affordable Resources

Maddy Spar, Staff Writer

Many Woodson students are beginning to think about taking their SATs; however, tutors can be expensive. Luckily, there are many free test prep resources that are easily accessible for everyone.

Princeton Review:

This website is a free resource that can be used to prepare for exams. It offers both in-person and online practice SATs for free. After completing the test, you receive a detailed report of your performance, and it gives you personalized tips on how to improve your score.

Photo by Penelope Waterbury.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is another free online resource that provides practice tests and instructional videos and has a personal dashboard that keeps track of what subjects students are struggling with. It also allows you to load in PSAT scores, and it personalizes preparation materials. Students at Woodson have said this is the best resource they used to prepare for exams. 

Photo by Penelope Waterbury.

SAT Practice Tests:

This site provides five different full-length practice tests that also have answer keys. The tests are able to be downloaded and printed. The site also provides tips and videos.

Photo by Penelope Waterbury.

College Board Website (SAT Prep)

College Board has an online resource that helps prepare students for the SAT. The site provides practice tests and sample questions. It also has information about how to start your own study group and how to approach studying. It provides checklists for how the test will work and what to expect when you take the test.

Photo by Penelope Waterbury.


This is another site with practice tests. It also has scoring guides and practice essays. It also provides a study guide and official practice questions. This website doesn’t require any type of registration.

Photo by Penelope Waterbury.