Students Discuss Their Favorite YouTubers

Reagan Dempster, Cav Culture Editor

Across the Woodson campus, YouTube is used for both education and entertainment.  YouTube has been used for entertainment for many years, and is currently starting to be used more in classrooms during lessons, especially in virtual learning. With the versatility of content found on YouTube, many can find videos that they can enjoy. 

The most common theme among Woodson students’ favorite YouTubers is that they are always keeping them entertained. The YouTube platform is constantly changing in terms of what is trending and what people find entertaining. The most successful YouTubers tend to be the ones that can constantly adapt to the current trends, upload consistently and hook their viewers on new content every time they upload.

caiti mackenzie (@caiti_mackenzie) | Twitter
Caiti Mackenzie. Photo courtesy of

Woodson students heavily value versatility in YouTubers’ uploads; viewers never know what to expect. “My Favorite YouTuber is Caiti Mackenzie,” said senior Olivia Gamber. Caiti Mackenzie is a 17-year-old lifestyle YouTuber with 625,000 subscribers. “Caiti Mackenzie is my favorite YouTuber because she is relatable,” said Gamber. “She posts a lot of different things so I never get bored.” Mackenzie is always finding new ways to stay on trend yet post original content. Mackenzie is always making content of things she is going through as a teenage girl, relating to her mainly teenage, female audience.

Cody Ko - IMDb
Cody Ko. Photo courtesy of

Cody Ko is an example of a dependable, on-trend YouTuber. Uniquely, he adds in his own twists for entertainment. Cody Ko is a 30-year-old comedian YouTuber from Venice, California with 5.4 million subscribers. He mainly produces on-trend videos, with his own personal twist to add some light comedy. “I find his videos super entertaining,” said junior Amelia Weson. “His videos never disappoint.” The consistent humor throughout Ko’s videos has created a dependability among his audience. His viewers know they can rely on his videos when they need a good laugh or smile. 

Emma Chamberlain - Bio, Family, Trivia | Famous Birthdays
Emma Chamberlain. Photo courtesy of

“My favorite YouTuber is Emma Chamberlain,” said senior Jill Brennan. Emma  Chamberlain is a 19-year-old lifestyle comedy YouTuber with ten million subscribers. Emma Chamberlain is unique from most other YouTubers because she was brought to fame at such a young age. She captured most of her audience with her natural, persistent light humor. “I like her humor,” said Brennan. “Her videos are entertaining, so I never get bored.” Her videos appeal to many teenage girls, making up a majority of her audience. 

Jacob Geller (@yacobg42) | Twitter
Jacob Geller. Photo courtesy of

Jacob Geller is a YouTuber with 440,000 subscribers who analyzes video games. In Geller’s videos, he talks about metaphors and subtleties in video games. “I am drawn to him for that,” said junior Liam Sullivan. “He draws that back to himself and ties the themes he sees to his own life and experiences.”

Some of the videos uploaded by these YouTubers contain mature content. Videos may not be appropriate for all viewers.