Graphic by Ariana Tackett.

Woodson Students Are Getting Vaccinated

Sweaty palms, increased heart rate and nervousness mixed with excitement fill the minds of teens waiting in line to acquire the Covid-19 vaccine. This is the new trend as the vaccination for the pandemic has finally been released, giving hope for teens wanting their normal lives back. As the Covid-19 pandemic sent the whole world into a panic, there have been numerous questions and expectations set for a vaccine to be created and administered for the people. At last, we now have three vaccines being regularly given out in the United States, which are known as the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Some of Woodson’s students have become eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine and took the first dose as soon as they became qualified. Senior Jacquie Sherry is planning to work at a sleepaway camp this summer and was notified by the administration that she is eligible. Sherry said, “I received a letter that enabled me to get the vaccine. The process itself was pretty straight forward.” She explained that the actual vaccination location was very busy, but was also organized and easy to follow. “I was so excited to get my vaccine because the more people get vaccines, the better,” said Sherry. She did not experience any side effects and plans to get her second dose in about one week.

Photo courtesy of Theo Thompson-Guldseth.

With the many teens registering and receiving their vaccines, there are also certain rules set for those who want them. Starting April 18, vaccines are finally allowed to be administered to anyone ages 16 and up. Teenagers ages 16 and up are allowed to receive the Pfizer shot, and anyone age 18 and up is eligible for the Moderna shot. Many colleges have notified their incoming students for the next school year that vaccinations are required in order to return to campus. With this being said, most if not all students will have had at least one dose of their vaccine when returning to school.

Another senior, Theo Thompson-Guldseth, pre-registered on the Fairfax County vaccine registration website while trying to find open spots at other locations for vaccines. “I was constantly checking pharmacy openings, which was a little more difficult because they sometimes had conflicting information on availability,” said Guldseth. He was very excited to receive the vaccine as he personally felt one more step closer to returning to his normal life.

When it came to side effects of the vaccine, he did have minor chills making it difficult to fall asleep. Guldseth said, “The side effects made my day a little rough, but nothing persisted past that day.” Overall, he feels relieved and fulfilled knowing what he did can keep others safe as well.

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