Fans and Players Sports Superstitions

Fans and Players Sports Superstitions

Rebecca Heimbrock , Staff Writer

Superstitions are in every culture. Look no further than Christians throwing salt over their shoulders to ward off the devil, Turkish charms to ward off the evil eye, and even Germans refusing to toast with water lest they accidentally wish death upon someone. There’s also a horde of people who have superstitions that are not tied to any country or ethnic group. Ranging from your average joe to pro athletes, these folks have intricate superstitions that rarely make sense to outsiders. 

Sports fans and sports players are sometimes in their own little worlds when it comes to culture and tradition. As such, they have their own superstitions as well. Famously, LSU football coach Les Miles eats turf before games. Other wacky superstitions include chewing on towels, being slapped in the face and wearing opponent’s clothes before big games. It is believed that these superstitions help players win. Whether or not they are actually effective remains up for debate.

Woodson sports players are no exception to strange traditions. Here are some of the funny, crazy and downright weird traditions and superstitions that Woodson athletes have. 

Crew typically has pasta parties the night before regattas. Girls’ lacrosse tries to cover as much of the white board in the locker room as possible before the coaches come, and they also do braiding trains. 

Though traditions do vary quite a lot by sport, age and time, these fun (sometimes carb-filled traditions) are hopefully here to stay.