WTW Chorus Premieres Virtual Production of Dessert on Broadway

Emanda Seifu, Editor in Chief

For the first time in over 30 years, Woodson’s Dessert on Broadway aired virtually. The annual musical production hosted by the chorus department debuted March 6. With the switch to virtual school, the musical was forced to move as well. In order to accommodate the current situation, performances were pre-recorded and put together to create the final product.

Photo by Emanda Seifu.

“It was definitely a new experience to have [D.O.B.] online this year,” said senior Elizabeth Vichness. Although the musical being moved online meant that there was no live show, there are some advantages to a virtual production. With Dessert on Broadway online, students were able to create their own filming schedules and film from their homes.

“Preparing for the production was weirdly simple,” said senior Sarah Hasson. “We sent in audio recordings of our vocals, then we were sent the recording of our final backing track to record our videos over, mouthing along with the audio track we had already made.”

Along with recording, all the students were in charge of preparing everything for their part of the musical. “Instead of just being an actor, you have to be an actor, producer, sound person, makeup artist, hair-dresser, the list goes on,” said freshman Alyce Visioli. “It was definitely a lot more independent work and a learning process all around.”

“It was so worth it to see it all come together in the end.. we sent each other bloopers, got feedback on hair and makeup, and talked about the arduous filming process and our own experiences with it,” said Visioli.

For Vichness, “it was really reassuring that we could still have [D.O.B.] no matter the form.” Her advice to students interested in being a part of the musical “is to remember to have fun and enjoy yourselves.”

Dessert on Broadway can be found on YouTube on the Woodson Chorus channel.