Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia Portrays a Uniquely Charming Mother-Daughter Relationship

Mera Seifu, Staff Writer

Netflix released a popular new series called Ginny and Georgia last month. The show is about a mother and daughter who moved to a city called Wellsbury in New England where they planned on starting a new life for themselves. 

Throughout the show, we see the main character, 16-year-old Ginny Miller who was constantly on the move, adjusting to her new home. We see her fall in love and make new friends for the first time in her life while dealing with being mixed-race, all in an attempt to fit in.

Ginny & Georgia Poster
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At first, Wellsbury seems like the perfect home- until Ginny finds herself in a messy love triangle involving her boyfriend Hunter and her best friend (Max’s) twin brother, Marcus. Hunter is the ideal boyfriend with good grades and musical talent. Marcus, on the other hand, is off-limits seeing that he’s her best friend’s brother and a bad influence in her mother’s eyes- constantly sneaking out to smoke. Even though Ginny liked Hunter, it was clear to see that she was more interested in Marcus which caused unwanted tension between the two.

And then there’s Georgia- probably the most rebellious character on the show. While Ginny is adjusting to her new life in school, we learn about her mother’s backstory which is filled with trouble and secrets. What makes her character most interesting is the flashbacks of her life shown throughout the series; we learn about the abusive household Georgia grew up in and how that led her to become the person she is today. 

The show reveals that Georgia was actually pregnant with Ginny in high school and had to navigate through her harsh life using her good looks and southern charm. Unfortunately for her, this meant that she was all too familiar with crime.

Georgia was able to get away with her “incidents” for over 15 years, but this meant that she and her family were always on the run. She may not be your typical mother, but she’d do anything for her kids. 

At times, Ginny can come off as an annoying, entitled child. She’s quick to make negative assumptions about Georgia without knowing much about her past. And when she finally realizes that there’s more to her mother than just shopping and getting drunk, she won’t stop prying where she’s not supposed to.

 The show highlights typical high school problems well and is rightfully being praised for its inclusivity. The mother-daughter relationship is unique, quirky and overall just fun to watch.