Woodson Students Share Their Favorite Unknown Musicians

Gaby Alvarado, News Editor

Haley Heynderickx

Photo courtesy of stereogum.com.

With an impressive acoustic guitar technique and meaningful lyrics, this singer-songwriter is an artist to watch within the indie folk music scene. Drawing inspiration from folk music of the 1960s and 70s, she offers a unique blend of old and new sound. Mason Danger, a fan of Haley, recommends her to anyone who “feels like you need to listen to music while crying,” as her lyrics are often introspective and connectable. 

Songs to check out: “the bug collector” and “Worth It” 





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Known as the ultimate goofs of the alternative rock genre, this duo went beyond the typical norms of music by adding in their unique mix of parody and silliness. With influence from a variety of genres like funk, psychedelia, gospel, and many others, Ween took a far-reaching musical approach that experimented with different sounds and humorous lyrics. Nina Cava, a fan of Ween, says the duo brings nostalgia and a special kind of “extra flavor” that sets their songs apart from others.

Songs to check out: “Ocean Man” and “The Mollusk”




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A South Korean producer and singer, he is a new artist emerging in the alternative scene. With personal lyrics about his life and childhood, Mokyo delivers slow and chill songs that listeners can connect with. Drawn to him by his voice and meaningful lyrics, Minae Kim says his songs offer a “unique and addicting listening experience,” and hopes more people broaden their taste to include international artists.

Songs to check out: “i’m an independent man” and “daddy”




Caravan Palace

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An electronic band from France, Caravan Palace experiments with a variety of sounds to create their euphoric dance music. Their electric beats mixed in with a cocktail of jazz and jive guarantees an ecstatic feeling to listeners. “Their music gets me in a hyped and excited mood,” says Matthew Brenningmeyer. A continuously experimental group, Matthew admires their willingness to tap into different genres.

Songs to check out: “Lone Digger” and “Jolie Coquine”