Anime to Add to Your Watch List

Erin Lee, Feature Editor

It has roughly been one year since the pandemic has started, and the shows that were piled up on our Netflix list are increasingly added to the “Watched” list. Bridgerton, Grey’s Anatomy  and Schitt’s

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Creek are all great, but how about anime for a change? This category may seem intimidating and foreign at first, but there is no going back once you have begun. 

So here are the best anime shows available on Netflix (Warning: these are strictly subjective and catered to author’s standards!).

The weather is becoming warmer, and a soft breeze tickles your nose. Spring is coming. What better way to celebrate the coming of spring than watch Maid-Sama, a romantic comedy anime between the cluelessly beautiful but charismatic school council president and a boy that screams “cool?” This anime, despite its odd Japanese fantasies of maid cosplay sprinkled in, is the perfect heart throb. I can guarantee the main male protagonist, Usui Takumi, will steal your heart. 

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Do you reject romance and all-things sappy with a burning passion? How about trying the action-filled One Punch Man or HunterxHunter? The former is about a man who has reached the zenith of power through intense training and struggle, but is an unknown hero to all. With fair bits of comedy and superb animation, little romance is to be found—only chills remain after the palm-sweating fight scenes. If you like main characters with strong development and growth, HunterxHunter is perfect for you. Main shonen (means “young boy” in Japanese) protagonist Gon embarks on an adventure to find his long-lost dad, while encountering the unforgettable and the absolute powerful. With a detailed plot and eloquent story-telling, HunterxHunter will leave you wanting more after finishing the 148 episodes available. 

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If you are not ready to emotionally invest into a series yet, or are a complete beginner in anime, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K will be fitting for you. Its comedic light-hearted pacing keeps you entertained but just enough to avoid being overwhelmed. The show illustrates the main character Saiki K, a high school student with extraordinary psychic abilities, attempting to survive school life while hiding his powers. It has a relatively low entrance barrier, so I highly recommend it.