From the Nintendo DS to Silly Bandz, Students Revive Memories of Childhood Toys

Karina Gonzalez, Feature Editor

Photo by Penelope Waterbury.

Trading Pokemon cards with friends during lunch, bringing Barbie dolls to sleepovers but not sharing them, and desperately wanting to rip Beyblades in the intense circle of fifth graders after school: these are all universal experiences among Gen-Z teenagers. While most of these gadgets and gizmos have been tucked away in a box somewhere in the attic, or even shipped off to a local thrift store, recalling them evokes a certain wave of nostalgia. After all, these toys provided a chance for kids to express themselves at a time where core memories are established. Woodson students have weighed in on the most popular toys and games from their childhoods. 

Paloma Gonzalez, senior, looks back on fond memories of playing with her friends and her favorite toys as a kid. “At sleepovers, we used to play hide and seek with the Nintendo DS’s and give hints and talk to each other through the chat feature,” she says. Another widely-used item among children growing up in the 2000’s was the Silly Bandz.

Photo by Penelope Waterbury.

Gonzalez’s elementary school, Little Run, was a hot spot for such a toy. “We actually got Silly Bandz banned at our school because they became such a problem,” the senior says. “For good reason,” she says, as she recalls a certain day in school when one student showed up to class with an array of colorful Silly Bandz all the way up his arm. Nonetheless, Gonzalez appreciates the memories these toys bring and the ability, she says, “to let your imagination run free.”

In such a time where high school students of all ages are entering a more adult and responsible time in their lives, a wave of nostalgia may be greatly welcomed. 

Graphic by Karina Gonzalez.