Cav Creations

Woodson is filled with students who have hobbies based on their interests in multiple areas. Here are a couple of creations by Woodson students. Sadie Dalton, junior, is an artist with an art Instagram and blog on Tumblr under the handle @whicorzoodles. Two more Cavs who have made a business of their creation are Emma Nguyen and Priscilla Bae. The two seniors make bucket hats for anyone’s request through their Instagram account @pemmahats.


Sadie Dalton: Art & Design

Self-portrait of Dalton. Photo courtesy of Sadie Dalton.



“Completed on February 1, 2021, in FireAlpaca [a free drawing software]. Every time my hair changes color or length, I draw a new profile photo to update all my social media accounts and such. I like keeping up to date with my profile photos, and it gives me a good opportunity to practice drawing my personal caricature.”







Photo courtesy of Sadie Dalton.



“Completed on February 13, 2021, in FireAlpaca. This one, though enjoyable outside its original context, is fanart for female-presenting versions of the characters Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens (specifically the 2019 Amazon miniseries versions of them). Those two characters are so very dear to me and have been since around mid-July 2019. This work is also emblematic of how media and fandoms I like are important sources of motivation and inspiration for my art. I’m not sure I’d be as skilled as I am now or even interested in art at all if it weren’t for fandoms.”









Emma Nguyen & Priscilla Bae: Bucket Hats

Photo courtesy of @pemmahats on Instagram.
Photo courtesy of @pemmahats on Instagram.
Photo courtesy of @pemmahats on Instagram.











“I got a sewing machine,” said Emma Nguyen. “I wanted to make use of it, so I asked my friend Priscilla [Bae] if she wanted to sew and sell something, and we decided to do buckets hats.” Bucket hats were made in the 20th century, but have been popular again recently on social media apps such as TikTok.

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