Foreign Films Should Be Promoted in the United States

Lecya Santiago, Staff Writer

Parasite, a South Korean film won an Oscar for best picture at the 92nd Academy Awards, being the first foreign film to win the most esteemed award at the ceremony. Many people had not seen Parasite and showed apparent confusion as to how it could have won when a majority of society hadn’t seen it, thus bringing into question why it hadn’t been promoted heavily when its reviews were off the charts: the reason being that many theaters had simply not shown the movie nor offered it. This is common practice as foreign films are chosen to not be shown in the United States.

Showing more foreign films in the United States would lead to better exposure for foreign countries and promoting literacy, benefitting the country much more than standard English movies. Many believe that because of subtitles and the language barrier, the movies would not reach the audience like those in English and profit would be lost; this is not backed up by evidence and Parasite grossed $53.4 million in the United States and Canada.

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In order to combat close-mindedness, it’s important to show the true artistic value in movies and the ways they can touch people. A movie about the tension of love or heartbreak within a family is much more impactful and can reach anyone, regardless of the language.

Subtitles as well are seen as a hindrance but not only does it say exactly what is being said, there is no guessing. You can feel the emotions much more deeply as you are able to understand what’s happening within the movie. To see humanity from a different light provokes empathy and no single movie can be recreated to a tee. The creativity shown through every film watched gives a different emotion in every person, the ability to show the human race much greater than before. By showing films such as Parasite, people will give more demand and the industry will see the benefits of showing foreign films in theaters. Everyone would be satisfied with profits and enjoyment.

Foreign films should be shown more in theaters. No matter the worry over funds or language barriers, to expose the world (and primarily the United States) to foreign films would promote a judgment-free environment. Learning and understanding how other people view things are the makings of a person and the key to having a functioning society.