Tech Trends to Watch This Month

Husnain Choudhry, Tech Columnist

Wall Street, social media, virtual reality: all of these topics represent current issues in the tech industry, and as a student, it is important to understand the effects of these issues on me and Woodson as a whole. Here are some of the issues to watch out for in the coming month:


Social Media Moderation – In light of the 2020 election, several social media platforms have made critical decisions in redefining or revising their moderation policies, as well as deciding what steps to take to address misinformation. Many of these decisions have sparked controversy, as critics argue that the platforms violate free speech, while supporters argue that platforms have the right to moderate, especially if it has real-life negative consequences. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat can and have made decisions on taking action, from banning users (like Donald Trump), or moderating posts by flagging, deleting or adding misinformation labels to a user’s posts. As social media companies walk the line between protecting free speech and protecting society in general from negative consequences, we can expect to see further action from social media platforms, the government and the public in general.



Financial Technology – Imagine you had the same tools as Warren Buffett or George Soros to invest in the financial market. You could pay off your college tuition, buy a new car or save up for a vacation. This is one of the many goals of financial technology, which is to give common people better access to financial markets. Through the use of Reddit, a social media app, and Robinhood, a trading service, small-time investors were able to make a profit off of GameStop. This shows how common people can use technology to make financial decisions, and as tech progresses, we can expect to see a change in how we manage financials.



Virtual Reality – As virtual reality becomes cheaper and more advanced, you could do pre-COVID activities virtually. However, an improvement in virtual reality wouldn’t only be a form of entertainment, rather, it could also be used as an educational tool. Biology students could do a dissection virtually, while film students could enhance their projects with a VR component. While VR still is in early development, we can expect to see large improvements in the next few months and the year in general.