Woodson Swim Team Wades Past Troubled Waters to Become District Champions

Members of the Girls Swim Team hold their champion banner. Courtesy of the Woodson Swim Team Instagram.

Members of the Girls’ Swim Team hold their champion banner. Courtesy of the Woodson Swim Team Instagram.

From individual elementary level swimmers, to high school athletes, to district champions, the students who were a part of the Woodson Swim Team climbed a long ladder of a sports career to secure themselves as the Patriots District Champions of the 2021 season. 

“I first started swimming in elementary school for summer swim,” said senior Max Koerner, “but I took it more seriously in seventh grade when I began swimming year-round.”

Despite being an overall individual performance sport, “swim and dive is all about the team, since competing with teammates acts as the catalyst of motivation and performance.”

“The team is a huge part of the races,” said senior Alexis Burns. “When everyone is excited and cheering it makes the race so much more intense and exciting.”

Team spirit evidently provided the driving force for the Woodson Swim Team to win the Patriot District.

“Swim is one of the most spirited teams at Woodson,” said senior Ai Vy Le. “It’s the handful of tradition that comes with the team that keeps the energy alive.”

With spirits high and a junior year States victory from the 2020 season, Woodson walked in with their heads held high.

“Woodson was extremely hyped upon arrival at districts,” Le continued, “being the reigning champs, both boys and girls teams were coming in undefeated, boosting our confidence as a team.”

Members of the Boys’ Swim Team proudly don their District Championship banner. Photo courtesy of the Woodson Swim Team Instagram.