PC Gaming and Streaming Continues to Gain Popularity

Cavan Griffin, Staff Writer

Cartoon by Blank.

Atari and the N64: the start of gaming. The gaming market has changed quite a bit ever since the two consoles reigned supreme. Over time people have been wanting more and more detailed graphics and more ways to play, requiring more hardware to be played optimally. Others like to get creative with hardware, and they like to add or remove various parts to make their machines run better. 

Sometimes you want to show a game like Destiny 2 to your friends, but they can’t come over, or you like entertaining people.  All of these things have been solved by the rise of PC gaming and the online streaming platform, Twitch. Twitch lets everyday people stream games to an audience and friends.

PC gaming has spiked in popularity in recent years, especially with the rise of Covid-19. PC gaming allows for almost complete freedom in how you make your PC. The ability to switch out your parts when a new, better one comes out is one of the main appeals. 

Photo by Cavan Griffin.

If a player’s PC is suited up with the best parts, the player can tune the graphics of the games to unimaginable levels, such as being able to use motion blur without significantly reducing their framerate. A PC also has a lot more storage for the games many players love, which means they won’t have to pick and choose which games they want to play at any given time. 

The application known as Steam is also another reason to get into PC gaming. It frequently puts games on sale, ”During a sale, you can get older games for a significant discount compared to console stores,says Business Insider. 

Photo courtesy of Twitch.com.

Twitch is a popular streaming platform, which many people are familiar with. Twitch has a feature called chat, which lets viewers say something in a streamer’s chat and interact with fellow viewers. Keeping your chat engaged and entertained is paramount “because interacting with viewers is one of the cornerstones of broadcasting live,” states the Teradek company. The atmosphere of the chat varies greatly, so maybe read chat before saying your first few comments. 

Twitch also lets people help out the streamer by allowing the purchasing of subs from a view to either gift to the streamer or the whole chat. Said method is how most streamers stay in business. Prime subs cost more, but give the viewers special perks in some games and access to new emotes in the chat.