Woodson Students Share Their Thoughts on Returning to School

Reagan Dempster, CavCulture Editor

Students are tired of staring at their computer screens day after day and are eager to begin in-person school during the next couple of weeks. However, certain students have decided to stay online. Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has decided that students who choose the in-person school option will start March 2. The atmosphere of Woodson during the pandemic will be different from what any students or teachers have seen before. Here are changes Woodson students are considering when returning to school. 

Reason 1

Photo courtesy of the Woodson Weekly newsletter.

Virtual learning is not a good learning style for most students. Considering the majority of Woodson students went into online school with little virtual learning experience, it was a hard adjustment for Woodson students and teachers. “I am returning to in-person school,” said junior Arush Kumar. “It is easier to learn in school. It will be easier for teachers to keep everyone engaged and make sure they are listening.”

Reason 2

Other Woodson students chose the in-person school option for other reasons. “I chose in-person school because I miss my friends,” said senior Danielle Gipson. Some students just miss seeing anyone in general. With being stuck in the house with your family for almost a year, some students will do anything they can to get out of the house and talk to new people. “I chose in-person school,” said junior Jada Bromberg. “I miss real human connection.” 

Reason 3

Photo courtesy of Annie Gingel

Discussion is beginning among Woodson students about new school procedures. It is starting to sway their opinion as to which option should be better for them. “I was told we would have to stay in our seats the whole class unless using the bathroom,” said junior Annie Gingell. That is difficult for some students to comprehend, if they were only planning on doing online school to not have to sit all day.

“I was also told the cafeteria has desks that we sit at, so we don’t sit together.” said Gingel. FCPS employees have confirmed that students will be sitting at separate desks during lunch. These changes could cause a big social divide between students if they are not able to interact during the school day; It can become socially awkward and keep students from making new friends. 

On an Instagram poll taken by 152 Woodson students, 36 percent said they were going to school in-person, and 64 percent said they were staying in online school. The reason for a majority of students choosing online is that they do not think it is safe. That being said, if the vaccine continues to be distributed and the rates continue to decrease, many students may prefer to return to in-person school.