Astrology & Zodiac Signs: What Does It All Mean?

Since the beginning of time humans have pondered the world outside of Earth. They’ve tracked the motions of the sun every day as it showered the sky in brilliant colors and hues of orange, pink and blue. They recorded the moon’s alluring cycle and tried to chart the millions of shining stars above them that formed intricate and captivating patterns. Astronomy was used interchangeably with astrology, and while these two fields have become unlinked in the past few centuries, the divine teachings gleaned from the cosmos are still taught today. The fundamental principle of astrology is centered around 12 star signs of the zodiac. Each sign, which is based on people’s birthdays, has developed certain traits, myths and colors associated with it. Here is a guide to these twelve signs and what they mean:


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Traits: Capricorn is a cardinal sign, meaning those in this class tend to be ambitious, determined and authoritative. However, Capricorn is also an earth sign, meaning that those under it are usually logical, pragmatic and extremely loyal. Additionally, Capricorns are considered to embody maturity and restraint.

Stereotypes: Many assume that Capricorns are genteel individuals who are very impassioned about their beliefs. Though this may be true at times, Capricorns are also viewed to be introverted and self-contained, with smiles and other displays of emotion bein

g considered uncharacteristic. Additionally, Capricorns are often seen as inward, practical thinkers who tend to be very self-conscious.

Woodson Students/Teachers: Kathy Marcos, a sophomore, was born on January 8th, making her a Capricorn. As described by Marcos’ zodiac sign, she is philosophical (inward-thinking), realistic and hard-working/determined. Claire Phan, a sophomore, was born on January 18, making her a Capricorn as well. As described by Phan’s zodiac sign, she is motivated, confident and passionate. 


Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)

Traits: Aquarius is an air sign, meaning those in this class tend to be rebellious, free-spirited and contradictory in nature. Members of this class also tend to have wacky tastes in aesthetics, strange interests/hobbies and an against-the-tide mentality. Additionally, members of Aquarius tend to be greatly individualistic and intelligent.

Stereotypes: Many assume that Aquarians are forward-thinking, unique and idealistic. Though these attributes may often be valid, Aquarians are also believed to be clever, creative and extremely quirky. Additionally, members of this class are often considered to be greatly loyal friends and rational thinkers. 


Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

Traits: Pisces is a water sign, meaning those in this class tend to be sympathetic, caring and intuitive. Members of this class also tend to be escapist, compassionate and socially ambiguous. Additionally, members of Pisces often connect with others to the point where others’ experiences tend to overshadow their own.

Stereotypes: Many assume that members of the Pisces class are overly-emotional, highly sociable and very selfless. Though these attributes may often be valid, members of this class are also believed to be quite creative, spouse material and greatly introspective. Additionally, many assume that those of this class are hopeless romantics. 


Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Traits: Aries is a cardinal sign, meaning those in this class tend to be passionate, motivated and confident/courageous. Members of this class also tend to be relentless, determined and helpful to those around them. Additionally, Aries initiates the spring season as well as the Zodiac Wheel. 

Stereotypes: Many assume that members of this class are headstrong, individualistic and socially impeccable. Though these attributes may often be valid, members of this class are also believed to be very emotional, ‘mushy’ and romantic under the surface. Additionally, Ariens are considered to be unafraid of displaying their affection in public.

Woodson Students/Teachers: Bethany Mays, a sophomore, was born on March 22, making her an Arien. As described by Mays’ zodiac sign, she is passionate. Oscar Sheehe, a junior, was born on April 19, making him an Arien as well. However, unlike Mays, Sheehe did not indicate that he shared any Arien traits.


Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Traits/Stereotypes: Taurus is an earth sign, meaning those in this class tend to be loyal, intelligent and resilient. Taureans also tend to be hardworking, dedicated and laid-back. Additionally, Taureans tend to be fond of relaxing sounds and environments.

Woodson Students/Teachers: Aeman Melik, a sophomore, was born on May 20, making him a Taurean. As described by Melik’s zodiac sign, he is hardworking. Jack Gallagher, a junior, was born on May 24, making him a Taurean as well. As described by Gallagher’s zodiac sign, he is, like Melik, hardworking.


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Traits/Stereotypes: Gemini is an air sign, meaning those in this class tend to be playful and curious and tend to have many interests. Members of this class also tend to be extremely social, quick-witted and a part of numerous social cliques. Additionally, Geminis can also be very annoying due to their talkative nature.

Woodson Students/Teachers: Shaun Dewsbury, a sophomore, was born on June 11, making him a Gemini. As described by Dewsbury’s zodiac sign, he is very energetic. 


Graph by Karina Gonzalez.


Cancer (June 22 – July 23)

Traits: Cancer is the primary water sign which allows them to be adaptable and to be able to get out of tough situations. They are also energetic, motivated, creative and often have big dreams they want to accomplish in life. In their personal lives, Cancers are sentimental and honest and always put family first. However, they also have mood swings and rely on emotion over logic too much. A few of them are even clingy and hold grudges. But at the end of the day, Cancers are loyal people who commit for life.

Stereotypes: A common belief is that Cancers are nostalgic people who cry a lot, and while it’s true they are guided by their emotions at times, they are also motivated, career-orientated people. Others think Cancers are weak and fragile due to their sensitivity, but they are more protective and supportive than emotional.

Woodson Students/Teachers: Mr. Pugh, Woodson’s Computer Science teacher, was born June 23, making him a Cancer. As described by his zodiac sign, he is loyal, honest and hard-working which he uses to push students to succeed and learn in his class. Maggie Cox, a senior born June 30, is motivated and energetic which she shows by playing sports for Woodson. 


Leo (July 24 – August 23)

Traits: Leo is a fire sign, meaning they have strong character and are passionate, spirited and a little aggressive. They also have open hearts and radiate warmth. They possess a friendly personality that makes them easy to like and popular. This makes them confident and a little proud. They’re not ashamed to talk about their accomplishments. They’re also supportive in making other people as successful as they are. However, they can also be jealous, vain and sometimes bossy and are not always able to accept failure. But they’re still one of the most energetic and outward people one can meet.

Stereotypes: A popular belief people believe is that they think due to Leos’ preference of being in the spotlight that they are selfish. While they certainly seek attention, it doesn’t make them self centered. In fact, they are generous and protect the people they care for at all costs. 

Woodson Students/Teachers: Maryam Harahsheh, a sophomore, was born Aug. 11 and is passionate and energetic which she portrays by working to pursue many interests such as crew and Woodson’s Red Cross Club. She is also sociable and confident.  


Virgo (August 24 – September 22)

Traits: The sign of Virgos is earth, which makes them realistic and able to put in hard work. They have an eye for detail and have a neat appearance, always well-dressed. Unlike Leos, they don’t crave attention and instead always have pure intentions. Their eye for detail also makes them resourceful, and they have a sharp mind that allows them to learn skills faster than the average person. In their personal lives, they are reliable and loved. They’re also trustworthy and honest, which can be a good or bad attribute since they can sometimes be too honest in their critiques. In addition to this they overthink, are sometimes detached and are uptight. But they’re important in helping to make the world a better place with their advanced minds.

Stereotypes: Virgos’ attention to detail can sometimes be mistaken for perfectionism or pickiness. Their candor can also be considered harsh when they have no ill intention but instead simply want to help others improve. 

Woodson Students/Teachers: Aditi Kumar, a sophomore born Aug. 26, is realistic and hard-working in her endeavors such as crew and overthinks, oftentimes during tests, like the traits described for other Virgos. Ethan Chu, a junior born Aug. 27, is motivated and honest and overthinks; all traits of a Virgo. He is also intelligent and hard-working which he shows through his participation and effort in Woodson’s Robotics Club. Ms. Baram, Woodson’s AP Computer Science teacher who was born Sep. 7, is loyal, realistic, hard-working and confident. Freshman Jastirath Singh, born Sept. 19, is realistic, honest and sophisticated and loves to learn, which she does by discussing ideas with others to learn about their perspectives and ideas. 


Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Traits: As an air sign, Libras feel the need to connect all twelve signs, and bring lightness. They forgive easily and are focused more on their personal lives, such as their relationships, rather than their work lives. They’re also fair, laid back and sociable. However, since they are the sign of love, they can be superficial and focus only on beauty. They can also be passive-aggressive and lazy but are creative and charming.

Stereotypes: It’s widely believed that Libras are indecisive, and while it’s true they take their time making decisions, it’s because they struggle between following their heart and what they truly want rather than their head, the logical decision.

Woodson Students/Teachers: Alice Lee is a sophomore born Oct. 11 who is sentimental, loyal, humble and sophisticated, which are features shared by other Libras. Her creativeness is also different from Libras as she applies this in her computer science classes rather than in more traditional art classes.


Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

Traits: Scorpios are also a water sign which makes them flexible. Like Libras they are creative, and as with Virgos they are motivated and see whatever undertaking they pursue to the very end. This makes them steadfast, courageous and loyal to the people they care about. They’re also intelligent, authentic and magnetic, but they can be possessive, secretive, unforgiving and moody. But they are always committed to the people they choose to spend their time with.

Stereotypes: Scorpios are believed to be too intense and vengeful. Although they are sometimes too focused, they also make time for the people in their lives but also won’t be as lighthearted as Libras, so those who want someone frivolous should look elsewhere! And though they can be unforgiving, they eventually do forgive and use these experiences to evolve.

Woodson Students/Teachers: Anthony Marraro, a sophomore who was born Nov. 18, is passionate in his interests such as geology and astronomy which he is motivated to continue to pursue in the future. He is also realistic and hard-working. Harkiran Singh, a junior, is hard-working, committed and creative which she shows through her love of figure skating. These are all important ideals in Scorpios. Jessica Nguyen, a senior born Nov. 3, is creative, hard-working and realistic. She is also motivated which she shows by creating to-do lists to ensure she completes all tasks she sets for herself each day. Senior Emma Bazemore, is loyal, realistic, but also courageous which she shows by taking part in risky activities such as hang gliding and scuba diving. 


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20)

Traits: The Sagittarius is a fire sign, making them passionate, animated and a little aggressive. They are great thinkers and truth-seekers making them honest. They’re also adventurous, generous, intelligent, big dreamers and animal lovers. But their honesty does make them overly blunt, and they can be reckless and arrogant. However, in the end, they’re always focused on growing.

Stereotypes: Due to their adventurous style it is believed that Sagittariuses have commitment issues. Although they enjoy freedom, they pay attention to those who help them evolve and take them somewhere new. In fact, their ethics and morality can make them quite committed once they settle down.

Woodson Students/Teachers: Emily Tang, a sophomore born Nov. 29 is intelligent, motivated, hard-working and humble like other Sagittariuses. She shows this by participating in challenging activities such as Woodson’s Robotics Club, and working to join Woodson’s Varsity Tennis. Mr. Jeffry, one of Woodson’s biology teachers, is motivated, spirited, hard-working and energetic which he uses to make interactive lessons for his students. He is also honest but not to the point of being too critical. However, unlike a Sagittarius, he is realistic and sentimental.

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