Woodson Plans Activities for Seniors

Kathrynne Hester, Staff Writer

“2021 seniors are having the time of their lives!” said no one ever. At this point, there is going to be a whole new species of human that has wings to fly away, tentacles to easily grab the chips that are too far from the couch, red eyes and pale skin from too much screen time and bigger butts so sitting down constantly is more comfortable.

Even if Woodson students turn into science experiments sporting tentacles and other questionable body parts, recognition and fun activities are being planned for our 2021 seniors.

Woodson Students in Feb. Monthly Social.
Photo courtesy of the Woodson Weekly.

Plans and events for seniors “are in the works,” said principal Dr. Floyd. “Each month we will have a special event for [seniors] that is socially distant and outside,” she said. The theme, Dr. Floyd added, is “Don’t Stop Believin’… in our seniors!” Plans for graduation and prom are still being discussed and decided on by staff, but it’s most likely that they won’t be nailed down until closer to the dates.

Although 2020 graduates didn’t have a prom, FCPS held a virtual graduation and celebration video. Since 2021 is looking just as undetermined and confusing, seniors of 2021 will probably have the same. But of course, the best hope is that 2021 seniors will get a prom. So ladies, start thinking of dresses to hide those tentacles under, and gentlemen, please consider growing wings large enough to fly at least two people away.

It might feel like school is lagging and students aren’t learning much or maybe it’s just the computer glitching for the hundredth time, but FCPS is actually doing more than other school districts. In California, near San Francisco, Alameda High School students “work four days a week and have two classes this semester,” said high school senior, Tanner Mackenzie. Even though the cut down on school has caused Mackenzie to learn less than he would’ve, it’s “easier to manage [my] time at home,” said Mackenzie.

Even though the 2021 school year feels like a cruel joke, it doesn’t mean seniors can’t find something fun to incorporate into their day. With more time on students’ hands, it’s a great opportunity to dive into old, lost hobbies or hobbies that never had a chance to start. Taking advice from the band Journey, seniors: Don’t stop believin’.