Maintaining a Scholarship Requires Dedication

Vivian Jung, Staff Writer

A scholarship is one of the best achievements a high school student can make that not only looks great on their resume but also has numerous benefits to their immediate future. Whether that scholarship is given through academic or athletic reasons, it can make a huge difference for a student that is ready to attend college, taking the burden off of their shoulders when it comes to paying tuition for classes or taking out student loans. Woodson High School alumni have received scholarships to take with them into college in the past few years.

Bella Hite, student at American University, received both an athletic and academic scholarship. She constantly worked hard training in field hockey during school and in her free time to get recruited by a D1 program. 

Bella Hite, class of 2019, in Woodson’s gym committing to American University. Image courtesy of Hite.

“I need to dedicate a lot of time to the field hockey team, and for the academic scholarship, I need to keep a certain GPA,” said Hite.  

Her cumulative GPA must meet the college’s standards, and she needed to receive certain scores on the ACT and SAT tests. She made a standard for herself that she would try to receive no lower than an A- in any of her classes.  

“It was stressful to hit these benchmarks,” said Hite, “I had to prioritize training to become a field hockey player coaches wanted on their team.”

Another Woodson grad, Jordan Silkowitz, also received a scholarship for college. She accepted an athletic scholarship to play soccer at Ohio State University and recently transferred to Iowa State University to continue her athletic and academic career. 

Jordan Silkowitz, class of 2018. Image courtesy of Silkowitz.

“I received this scholarship because I was recruited by many schools and that was an incentive that each school could offer to make their school look more appealing,” Silkowitz said.

She loves being a student athlete and having the opportunity to continue her education and soccer career at such a prestigious university. 

With the benefits a scholarship can provide also come certain tasks to receive it and maintain standards to keep it. The benchmarks students must hit to keep their scholarships can be very stressful at times, however, it may all be worth the hardships in the end.   

Both Hite and Silkowitz have strived to achieve their goals of playing sports at their prospective colleges and also receive scholarships on the way. They take pride in what they do and feel blessed to have obtained these rewards for their journey in college as athletic scholarships are prized and hard-won for those passionate enough about playing a sport and seeking noteworthy recruitment.