Senioritis: The Deadly Disease

When one is contaminated with Senioritis, symptoms are as follows:

  1. You will start to feel a nagging itch to stop doing all of the homework required of you. There will be a sudden drop in performance and motivation for all classes. The shows on your Netflix list that have been long forgotten seem delectable, and the sky outside looks like the brightest blue you have ever seen. However, there are still some college applications left to complete and the year has just begun, so you fight the urge to rush out the door and bask in the sun. 
  2. With the finishing touches of your college applications, bells ring in the distance. They sound heavenly; each ringing melodiously, luring you to take a drive outside with your friends and skip class. Homework is a long-forgotten ally, and assignments pile up. We all know if it’s not the due date, it’s not the do date. 
  3. Classes seem meaningless now. The teachers’ voices drone on and their words make their way into one ear and out the other. All you want to do is finish that show on Netflix and forget about school. 
  4. Assignments soon form a formidable wall. Google Classroom alerts flash in warning. You are drowning in late TMU work. 
  5. Grades fall. Pointy A’s mold and round themselves into B’s and C’s. In the distance, you hear colleges saying “A failure to keep up with academic performance may result in revocation of your acceptance.” 

Now, if you are like me and are facing similar symptoms or going through the same process, fear not. Senioritis is a naturally occurring phenomenon and can be relatively harmless with the right treatments. 

Treatment 1: Senior year grades (midyear and final) are all sent to colleges. 

  • I understand you do not want to do work because we are nearing the end, but there have been too many horror stories about students receiving D’s and F’s and facing the consequence of their offers being rescinded from colleges. Do not be one of them! 

Treatment 2: Work hard, play hard

  • As we count down our limited days in high school, understand we will never receive a high school education ever again. Make the classes you take worth it. Pay attention and complete assignments on time because sooner or later, we will miss all of it. 
  • But don’t forget to savor the final moments of high school as well! Go outside, enjoy nature, social distance, and go down your Netflix show list one-by-one. Reward yourself for all the hard work of the last four years. 

Senioritis is natural. Decrease in motivation and academic performance are things we all must cope with before embarking on the next chapter of life. 

Class of 2021: it’s been tough, but to start strong, we must finish strong.

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