College Board Plows Ahead with 2021 AP Testing


Photo Courtesy of Gaby Alvarado

It’s that time of year again- AP exam season. With three months left until testing begins, students and teachers are preparing for the 2021 AP tests. Last May, the College Board decided to have testing done online because of the pandemic and students had mixed opinions on the formatting for the exams. 

Now, with the 2021 exams four months away, there are still many unanswered questions around how the testing will be handled. “If health and safety conditions allow, your school can offer in-person testing,” according to the College Board’s website. If schools are closed or COVID threats keep students from testing in person, “AP coordinator[s] will be able to authorize a full-length digital contingency exam that can be taken at home.”

Even with the loss of instructional time this year, the College Board has announced that the exams will still cover full content. With this in mind, here are some resources that can help you prepare for the testing season.

AP Daily: With videos posted daily on different subjects, the College Board’s YouTube channel is a great way to review topics for the AP exams. 

AP Pacing Guide: The AP Course Pacings posted by the College Board help ensure students cover the material needed for the exams. 

Barron’s Test Prep Books: Amazon is currently selling free Barron’s AP Prep eBooks in a variety of subjects from AP Psychology to AP Computer Science A.

Khan Academy: With several AP courses, Khan Academy is another student-paced resource available.