Sanitization and Safety Takes Priority as Woodson Sports Continue

Sports. Everyone loves them, most people play them, nobody’s doing them. In the middle of a global pandemic, it’s difficult to pass around a ball when every touch could infect a dozen people. Despite these challenges, Woodson is powering forward with multiple sports programs. In a world where standing five feet away from someone could spread the virus, this is how Cav teams keep going strong.

Speedy Sports

Tom Lockwood running on the track with a mask on. Photo courtesy of Ted Plunkett.

Whether it’s cross country, indoor track or outdoor track, runners are practicing in similar ways.  You might see them speeding by on a trail or casually jogging on a sidewalk. With sports like cross country having large groups of people running side by side, you simply have to take out the groups. Overcoming the challenge, runners are still sprinting, through their neighborhoods, preparing for the day they can all cluster together again. 

Junior Tom Lockwood explains about cross country practices and meets and how practices are twice a week. “Boys [practice is] Mon/Wed, and Girls [practice is] Tues/Thurs.” In terms of social distancing, he says, “we stay apart and masked at practice and race, within reason.”

Contact Sports

Basketball, soccer, lacrosse and wrestling are all popular sports at Woodson that require physical interaction. Despite the COIVD-19 virus, many athletes are doing their best to accommodate for the pandemic and play the sport they love. 

Junior Danny Park gives some insight into the wrestling season. “We have practice every other day, with 4 groups, 5-6 [people] per group; lighter guys groups A and B, heavier guys in C and D,” said Park. “Masks have to be on all the time, except when you’re eating, drinking, or about to wrestle. During practice, there is a 10-minute timer. When that timer goes off, we have to sanitize.” 

Water Sports

Photo courtesy of Peter Tao.

Perhaps hit hardest of all are sports involving water. Swimming includes several people in the same body of water. Unlike other sports where sanitation can be frequently maintained, pools are particularly difficult in terms of how they are maintained. With team sports such as rowing, social distancing cannot be maintained, due to the design of rowing shells. However, unlike other sports, rowing can be practiced using rowing machines and ergs. With the Woodson crew having a large number of ergs to rent out, the season’s future is looking bright.

Junior Meghan Murray identifies the updates made to the swim season. “[Due to] Covid, we have a shortened season. This means we have two meets a week, one on Friday night and one on Saturday.” She explains that the boys and girls are now separated. “When we arrive, [the swimmers] have to wear our masks at all times, besides when we are physically in the pool.” According to her, masks have to go into a bag before races and have to be put back on as soon as the swimmers have exited the water, which she describes as “gross, because [the mask] gets soaking wet.”