The Coolest Tech To Look Forward To in 2021

Husnain Choudhry, Tech Columnist

Every year, tech companies showcase their latest and greatest ideas, prototypes and products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It shows where the tech industry is heading, and as a student, it’s always great to discover tech that makes life easier. Here are some of the best products to look out for this year:

The LG Rollable Phone

The phablet represents the best of both worlds: it feels like a phone, but has the screen size of a tablet. A phablet is small enough to let users scroll through social media quickly, but also big enough to watch movies and get some work done. To that end, LG teased its Rollable phone, which has a screen that can extend the phone display to the size of a small tablet. Although the questions about durability, weight and more are yet to be answered, LG confirmed that it will be released later this year.

Photo courtesy of LG.

Samsung’s Solar Cell Remote

For all the changes that TV has gone through, from becoming lighter to improving resolution, TV remotes, on their part, have stayed relatively the same. Their thirst for AAA batteries at the most inopportune times have miffed more than a few TV-bingers, but from 2021 onwards, this may no longer be the case, thanks to Samsung. The Samsung Solar Cell Remote can be charged from both indoor and outdoor light, as well as through a USB cable. Although the remotes will only come attached with the 2021 Samsung TV models, it would be reasonable to expect other companies to follow suit. 

Photo courtesy of Samsung.

Razer Mask

Razer, a gaming hardware company, debuted its own mask at CES, and although the design is unorthodox, it appears to have several useful features. The mask, in addition to having a N-95 medical-grade respirator, also has detachable and rechargeable ventilators, which helps replace the breath of your last meal with nice, clean oxygen. In addition, the mask has a microphone and an amplifier, which helps convert your muffled garble into clear English. Perhaps the most beneficial component of all is that the mask is reusable; the charging case sterilizes the mask with UV light. And of course, it wouldn’t be Razer without some RGB lighting; users can choose from a variety of different colors to customize your mask.

Photo courtesy of Razer.