Finding Enjoyment in Simple Activities During Covid-19

Cavan Griffin, Staff Writer

Cartoon courtesy of Cavalcade Staff.

     Covid-19 has brought many changes in how people live, and how we go about day to day life. Many think that Covid-19 has decimated our way of living, but many parks and restaurants are still frequently used, though not as people go to them on the daily. Most of those people are introverts who work best being able to do work alone. Covid-19 is still a liveable era in our country’s history due to many people and businesses being able to shift from one mindset to another in very little time.

     Many people are having a lot more space to themselves due to Covid-19’s influence over the world, though, some don’t see that as a bad thing. Nova Parks recommends people stay further apart on the trails. Junior Keti Hawkins says “staying further back on the trail” is something beneficial that Covid-19 has brought. Sharing hiking trails is usually something that ruins many people’s hikes. When being outdoors, many like to be alone to think, or to simply enjoy nature. With Covid-19 still going around, many people can still enjoy it, though you have to be socially distanced. You also have to wear a mask, depending on the conditions. Trails remain generally unchanged, minus Virginia trails asking you to wear your mask.

Photo courtesy of Kat Burkart.

     The Covid-19 Pandemic has shifted many activities in a different direction, such as school. Having online school has changed how people interact with each other, Kat Burkart says “I only do online school with my family around,” letting her keep in touch with her family while still in class. Online school has let many teens relax and still keep an eye on school. Being able to stay in your pajamas and still be learning about the Civil War is regarded to be one of the greatest activities during this Covid-19 year. Teachers also get a bit of a break when it comes to online school, since they can do it all in the same room, there is no need to spend any money on gas or drive anywhere! 

     Restaurants also have been able to shift how they operate as well, with many offering takeout options so you can simply grab your food and go. Restaurants such as Founding Farmers has adopted this new way of ordering and getting food. Since you can pay online for your food, no physical contact is needed. Being able to pick up food also lets families spend more time together in their usually busy and stressful day. Curbside pickup also lets restaurants relax a little, with usually busy nights turning into making pizzas with your co-workers. Restaurants also let people sit inside at a reduced capacity. The customers get to enjoy a nice meal with their family without the constant noise from others, while still receiving decent service.