MF Doom Dies, Leaving Musical Legacy

Gaby Alvarado, News Editor '21

     A master of intricate wordplay and playful rhymes, rapper MF Doom’s death at the age of 49 shocked fans of the enigmatic artist. 

Photo courtesy of MF Doom’s Twitter page.

     Hidden by his signature mask and villain persona, he let his creativity and talent be the focal point of his music. Through his unique production and ability to switch effortlessly through different flows, MF Doom established himself as a key figure of the underground rap scene of the 2000s; one that will continue to inspire generations of future rappers.

     Born in London but a New Yorker at heart, MF Doom got his first taste of the rap scene performing as a part of the group KMD during his teenage years. Following the death of his bandmate and brother, he took a break and reemerged in the hip-hop scene with his new persona based on the Marvel villain Doctor Doom, rarely showing his face ever again.

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     With his new image, he released his debut album Operation: Doomsday, which was the beginning of his respected solo career as an artist capable of delivering idiosyncratic lines in a plethora of tempos. Six albums later, he remains an inspiration to many well-known artists like Tyler The Creator and The Weeknd for his unprecedented composition genius.

Facts about MF DOOM

  • He has worked under a multitude of different names throughout his career, like Zev Love X, Metal Fingers and King Geedorah.
  • After living his whole life in the US, he was denied reentry in 2010 as he was born in London. The denial forced him and his family to relocate.
  • Before settling on his iconic supervillain mask, he wore stockings and bandanas during live performances to mask his identity.
  • He has inspired a variety of mainstream artists like Drake, Logic and Joey Bada$$.