Brexit Will Be a Mistake

A.J. Wang, Staff Writer

Proving a hot-button topic in not only Britain, but in all of Europe, Britain’s shocking vote to separate from the European Union (EU) will undoubtedly leave a historical mark. The 2016 vote will mean socioeconomic challenges for not only Great Britain and much of Europe, but also for the US.

Map of the European Union after Brexit. Image courtesy by

“One of the most important results of Brexit is the exit of Great Britain from the European Single Market,” said Woodson social studies teacher Jeremy Sargent. “Because Great Britain is not a part of the Single Market, goods, services, people, and capital can’t flow as freely as they did in the past between EU member states and Great Britain.”

As for those living in Europe, Brexit has sparked a greater concern for changes along the borders, making travel and receiving aid from certain regions more limited.

“The countries of the EU, along with some of Scandinavia, have open borders agreements with each other, allowing a person to walk from Portugal to Poland without needing a passport,” explained senior Marcus Smith, who plans to study abroad. “This will no longer be the case for travel to and from the UK, which will now require a more complex/formal border crossing process.”

Borders igniting the initial fuel for the call for the UK to separate, the mainstream belief of the British political left holds strongly against the move.

“Although the desire for immediate border security drives the separation, this isn’t something that should be solved by leaving,” said British pupil Dan Wilcox. “The impulse for the UK to, as now called for other issues, which came up one-sided and were overlooked.”

Many veterans and active duty military in British Forces condemn Brexit and lean more left toward the movement.

“It’s a bit of a shame that we’ve had to get to this point as a country,” said former Royal Marine Matt Sumpter. “Being a part of the Union, us Royal troops trained distinctly close with our sister nation’s military and essentially worked as one. I dread that the separation will largely impact this relationship.”