What Makes Woodson Happy?

Typically, during in-person school, students can walk around campus and see what is making people smile. Whether it is walking down the halls with their ear buds in or laughing at lunch with friends, school gave students the opportunity to see what was making other people happy. With virtual learning it has been hard for Woodson students and teachers to see what is making their classmates smile, so here is what makes Woodson students and teachers truly happy. 

There has been a common trend among Woodson teachers showing their appreciation of students turning on their cameras. With virtual learning, it can become repetitive for teachers because they teach all day and cannot tell if their students are listening. 

“It really makes me happy when I join breakout rooms and the students have their cameras on,” said Spanish teacher Sra. Graham. “It makes me really happy, because I know that I am not alone and that students are trying to listen to me and learn.” For a majority of Woodson teachers, one can make their day by simply turning on the camera during class because the teachers enjoy seeing their students’ faces. 

Many Woodson students and teachers enjoy spending time with their families. “I love spending time with my family,” said Graham. “I love spending time with my two daughters and watching them grow.” The pandemic has made it easier for many people to prioritize relationships with their family. 

“I enjoy spending time with my family because they make me laugh,” said junior Abbey Arnett regarding more family time. “Their jokes can always make me smile.” 

Many Woodson students and teachers have expressed that music makes them happy. “Making and listening to music makes me really happy because I enjoy doing it,” said junior Rowan Clark. Woodson students enjoy listening to music because they can always find music to relate to what mood they are feeling. 

Photo by Rowan Clark.

Clark is always listening to music because “it always makes me feel better,” said Clark. “My favorite music to listen to is Taylor Swift, especially her new music.” Music’s easy accessibility makes it possible for many students to have a reason to smile. 


Happiness graphic by Erin Lee.

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