Spotify Wrapped: Songs That Represent Your 2020 Mood

It’s difficult to say whether anyone had the vision of knowing what 2020 would be like. Perhaps the world would be bouncing up and down to the newest Ariana Grande song throughout summer? Maybe people would be dancing on TikTok to the beat of a new hit by Drake? Even so, nobody thought they would be locked inside, probably listening to something befitting of an apocalypse. Who knew Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” would be this year’s anthem?

For such a tumultuous twelve-month period, many of Woodson’s students and teachers dealt with the cancellation of school, uncertainty during lockdown and a turbulent political landscape reminiscent of something out of an Orwell novel.

Music has been the one thing, however, that all of the Cavs have been able to fall back on during the uncertainty of this year. With that being said, is there a better way to look back on 2020 than through the tunes that everyone has been bouncing around to in quarantine?

Here are a few classic tracks that scream 2020 vibes.

This year was a huge one for hypochondriacs, so why not represent that with OutKast’s smooth hit, “So Fresh, So Clean?” You won’t even need to wash your hands with a song this pristine.

Or how about The Cure’s “Close To Me?” That up-tempo, downright adorable beat makes everyone want to dance right next to their loved one. (Don’t. Stay six feet apart.)

There is probably no other song, however, that can best suit the feelings brought on by 2020 than “Everybody Hurts,” by R.E.M. Everyone can sympathize with Michael Stipe as he belts out “sometimes everything is wrong.” Yeah, Michael. We feel that.

Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” is perhaps the most fitting anthem as the world moves into 2021. Here’s to a much better year than 2020.
Any time an election is going on, you can bet that most people will be divided politically and morally. Cooke can toe that line by bringing us all together, even through turmoil.

Even if, physically, it poses a major threat to public health, the idea of staying together, even during the bitterest of times, is something that 2020 has shown us is the most important thing to remember when going through hardship. Like Al Green once said, “let’s stay together.” With that being said, what song is up next?

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