Some Cav Reactions

Gaby Alvarado, News Editor

Photo courtesy of Bryan Gama.

Bryan Gama

An avid player since 7 years old, Bryan Gama has been involved in the soccer world for the majority of his life. Growing up watching Maradona, he was immediately attracted to Maradona’s effortless evasion of world-class defenders. A defender himself, Bryan has studied Maradona’s plays to understand how to play against players like him, in awe of his swift and skillful play style.

Like many other players around the world, Bryan has been inspired by Maradona and regards him as “one of the best players to ever lace up a pair of soccer cleats.” 

In addition to his double Scudetto win, Bryan’s favorite Maradona moment is the infamous “Hand of God” goal. In a cheeky, disguised move against England, Maradona pushed the ball into the net with his hand, earning him infamy for his unique plays. 

A creative genius, “Maradona’s ability to change the course of a game in an instant has left an eternal legacy on the world of soccer,” Bryan says.


Photo courtesy of Yonas Amha.

Yonas Amha

A player for the Alexandria Soccer Association 2002 red with 14 years experience, Yonas gathered inspiration from Maradona’s unmatched flow with the ball and control. Emulating his technique, Yonas improved in all aspects of his game after carefully studying Maradona. 

A beloved figure in Argentina and beyond, Maradona amazed people with his talent and should be remembered as “one of the most gifted footballers of all time,” says Yonas. 


Photo courtesy of Iraan Hemphill.

Iraan Hemphill

Playing since he was a toddler, Iraan has long been inspired by legends like Maradona. Through his unmatched skill and smart plays, Maradona left a lasting impression on how Iraan trains and plays on the field. Saddened by his passing, he hopes his legacy continues to inspire not just young athletes, but the world in what he was able to accomplish. In awe of Maradona’s drive and determination, Iraan aims to adopt the unwavering commitment Maradona had to his sport.