Merry Litmas, from Woodson Houses to You All!

This house has an arsenal of plastic skeletons, including one that is nearly 12 feet tall, which the homeowners use to decorate for every event under the sun, such as Independence Day, Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl and, of course, Halloween. For Christmas those skeletons are in hats and are joined by Peppa Pig, presents and a Christmas tree to create a gift-giving tableau. Other decorations include a huge dragon and a teddy bear in a Santa hat.


This house is a veritable treasure trove of Christmas decorations, with more to be found around every corner. This house displays a fondness for classic movies with a Snoopy, the Yeti from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and four inflatable Grinches. Other decorations include at least three Christmas trees, light-up animals and a large dog in a Santa hat.



This house is on a corner and their light-up decorations span around the entirety of the lawn. Their lights are on the roof, bushes, trees and fence, and in the space between the fence and the sidewalk there are short lights that look like lollipops, Santa and large, colored bulbs. There is also Olaf from Frozen, multiple Mickey Mouses, a large Santa Claus and Rudolph.




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