Students Adopt New Hobbies Over Quarantine

With all the extra time on students’ hands, quarantine has provided the perfect opportunity to branch out of usual activities and adopt some new ones. These Woodson students have done just that, expanding their interests and using the break to their advantage.

Minae Kim

A long-time photographer, Minae decided to exchange her cameras for paintbrushes. Tired of spending the majority of the day online, she was inspired to pick up painting and has been producing one piece of art every other week since June. A fan of anime and cartoons, her art typically consists of her favorite characters from a variety of shows; with her favorite work of art being a combined painting of Gon and Killua from the anime Hunterxhunter. In the future, she plans to branch out even further into more realistic art.

Isaac Spar

From recovering an injured patient from a multiple-story building to responding to heart attacks, Isaac has had an incredibly busy schedule over the past few months. Already a certified EMT, Isaac has been working on earning his firefighting certification. He used the time to enroll in the Chantilly Fire Academy and is on his way to achieving his childhood goal of serving his community.



Ciara Sinclair

A lover of all things food-related, Ciara used the extra time to her advantage to learn the art of baking. From orange juice cake to classic chocolate chip cookies, she has baked a variety of treats and plans to make coconut cake. Every weekend she expands her baking ability by trying out a new recipe with the help of online tutorials.