The Ultimate Guide to Managing Online School

The clock strikes 8:05, meaning at Woodson it is time for the warning music to start playing and students to start gathering materials… or not. In this new school year, students are finding themselves shoving the last of their hurried breakfasts into their mouths and heading to class on their computer. Some students are lying in bed, while others are cuddling with their pets on the sofas of their living rooms, all lounging in their houses. Although this new environment may be more relaxing, for many it is just another obstacle to adjust to, as it can hinder the way students learn. The Cavalcade shares helpful tips from students and faculty for online school success.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Hobson.

“It’s important to prioritize. Put the most important assignments on the top [of your schedule], or color-code.”

“Have a study buddy in each class, someone who you can check work with, ask if there are any assignments due, or study for tests together. This is also helpful to teachers because it means students are having their questions answered by others instead of emailing [the teacher].”

“The most important thing to remember is self-care. Give yourself time to just relax and take a deep breath. It’s okay to make mistakes… when you’re 30 years old you’re not going to be focusing on that one assignment you forgot to turn in. Focus on what you’ve done correctly and not the one thing you did wrong.”

— Mrs. Hobson (Strategies for Success and Drama teacher)

Photo courtesy of Gwen Nguyen.


“Complete assignments the day they were assigned if you have time, so your work doesn’t get piled up.”

“Check your school email frequently so you’re able to see if your teachers have posted any announcements, or assigned new work on Blackboard or Google Classroom.”

— Gwen Nguyen, sophomore


“I was really struggling at the beginning of the year with keeping track of all my assignments, so I ended up buying a planner, and I’ve been using that to write down all my homework.”

— Sydney Jacob, senior

“Put reminders on your phone if you have a lot of assignments to do, so you won’t forget to complete any of them.”

Opal Eliat, sophomore


“So far, I have found that the students that are having the most success are those that are very disciplined about meeting deadlines for their daily assignments. When students have struggled, it is not primarily because of test scores, but because they have gotten behind on day-to-day assignments and have allowed work to pile up on them. So the biggest key to success is finding a system for organization that works for you, and then committing to stick with the plan once it has been developed.”

— Mr. Healy (World History I and US History teacher)

“You can create incentives for you to do work, like implementing a work-reward system. Once you finish one assignment or all of your homework, you can reward yourself with a fun activity.”

Emily Haynos, sophomore

“The most important thing to remember is that this is still school, and it is important to treat it like it. Working in an armchair is a bad idea.”

Anthony Marraro, sophomore

“Participate and involve yourself in activities as much as you can. Not only with the teacher, but also in breakout groups, so that you can learn from other students that share your train of thought as well.”

Omeed Shahbazi, sophomore