What Aesthetic Fits You Best?

Nyela Walker, Opinion Editor

     We have grown up with aesthetics, or style, most of our lives. While many of us are not one or the other but a mix of both, take a quiz to find out which of the trending four aesthetics you are most like!

Describe the perfect scenarios:

  1. Free time! What are you reading?
    1. Twitter
    2. My favorite novel or poem book for the umpteenth time
    3. A mystery/tragedy
    4. A nature book
  2. The perfect school day would be:
    1. No school
    2. Studying life’s pleasures, like gratitude
    3. Amazing as long as we discuss the meaning of life and discuss classic works
    4. Learning about animals, DIY projects, and more!
  3. This quote describes how you live your life:
    1. “I need money not feelings”
    2. “The smiling to yourself in the midnight hours and daylight hours”
    3. “The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will”
    4. “You are enough. Every morning, every sunrise, every day”
  4. Describe the perfect meal:
    1. Takeout
    2. Going to a small café
    3. Coffee
    4. Home-cooked food with tea afterward
  5. What photo speaks to you the most?
1. Photos by Nyela Walker.









Mostly 1’s: You are a Baddie. Whether you prefer fashion today or fashion from the 90s, you are part of the modern aesthetic most follow nowadays. With this aesthetic, you would rather have the technology and resources we do today than sit inside reading Ninth House or outside painting the sunrise or making breakfast for your family. You stand out from the other aesthetics and take much pride in that.

Mostly 2’s: You are an optimist! Light Academia has a positive approach to life. People with this aesthetic enjoy the little things in life. You enjoy writing letters and poems, reading books, being artistic, daydreaming, etc. Never lose sight of the little things in life, we need people like you to remind us!

Cartoon by Cavalcade Staff.

“I love light academia,” Lydia Falardeau, senior, says, “especially because it reminds me of balls and fancy gowns.”

Mostly 3’s: You romanticize learning! People with Dark Academia aesthetic appreciate the old things in life like Gothic buildings, Renaissance paintings, classic books, etc. People with this aesthetic want to immerse themselves in knowledge and understanding of life beyond the little things. You are part of the elite who are ready to tackle any intellectual challenge and defend classic work with a cup of coffee in hand!

“I like the dark aesthetic because it really suits the fall aesthetic,” says senior Angel Lee, “and I like the Cottagecore because I like the filters used to the whole Cottagecore picture, fashion and LGBT culture.”

Mostly 4’s: Your aesthetic is Cottagecore, which is an aesthetic centered around cottages. People who associate with this aesthetic want to return to western farm life. This is different from light academia because it is becoming thankful for nature rather than all of life. Congratulations! You want life to be thankful for the simple and beautiful part of life: nature.