Woodson Remembers Childhood TV Shows

Penelope Waterbury, CavCulture Editor

     When most students hear the phrase “nostalgic TV shows,” there are many memories that come to mind.

     With students from ages 13 to 18, there are a wide range of childhood TV shows among Woodson students that offer that perfect amount of nostalgia.

Photo courtesy of nick.com.

     Greer Dempster, a freshman, remembers watching Phineas and Ferb and SpongeBob the most when she was younger.

     “The roller coaster episode was my favorite episode of Phineas and Ferb,” Greer said, “and [while watching] SpongeBob, I loved laughing at Plankton.”

     Shows such as SpongeBob and Phineas and Ferb tend to be fairly popular among the vast majority of Woodson students regardless of age, and SpongeBob memes are still able to produce a laugh or two from most of us. However, part of what makes childhood TV shows so special is that there are hundreds to choose from, allowing everyone to have a unique lineup of nostalgia fuel. 

     “A.N.T. Farm, Jessie, Liv and Maddie and maybe even Suite Life on Deck are the ones I watched the most [when I was younger],” said sophomore Cooper Thompson-Guldseth. “Definitely mostly Disney shows. They were so good.”

Photo courtesy of primevideo.com.

     For Cooper, it was how these shows allowed him to bond with family which made them all the more important. 

     “So one big [reason] was watching them with my two brothers, I feel like when you’re that young you don’t get much say in what you watch. But we would all watch these shows together” Cooper said. “Like A.N.T. Farm for example, the characters were just super fun, especially Olive. We thought she was so funny.”

   “Dragnet, The Andy Griffith Show, and H2O [Just Add Water]” were junior Maureen Gelona’s favorite childhood TV shows.

     “I was obsessed with black and white TV and always wanted to live in Mayberry for The Andy Griffith Show. [Also], it sounds creepy, but I loved the mysteries with Dragnet, even though most of them were murders,” Maureen said.

     For many, childhood TV shows never stop being special, and they continue to influence who you are even as you get older.

     “Adventure Time is so special to me. Something about that show is like a safe haven, I don’t know how else to describe it,” said senior Josh Sper. 

Cartoon courtesy of Josh Sper.

     “Cartoon Network does a really great job of letting the shows grow up along with the kids that watch them.”

     “BMO is my favorite character by far, he is my spirit animal, and I’m getting a tattoo of him very soon. He taught me a lot about compassion and being positive, I guess,” Josh said.