“Among Us” Takes Over

Reid Rizk, Staff Writer

     “Join your crewmates in a multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal!” claims Innersloth, the developer of Among Us. The small-time indie developer has only three published games before Among Us, the most popular being the Henry the Stickman series. Among Us was released in 2018 to little fanfare, based on games like Mafia or Secret Hitler and video games like Town of Salam, or Werewolf Within. 

     The game splits players into two groups, one of between one and three people, called imposters, and another of everyone leftover called crewmates. The imposters try to win by killing all the crewmates or causing critical sabotage. Crewmates try to win by completing several pre-assigned tasks or voting the imposters out via meetings that can be called at any time by a button on the map or when a dead crewmate is found.

Photo by Reagan Dempster.

     Starting with a very small but loyal fanbase, Among Us snowballed into more fans with consistent updates and decreased prices for extras, despite it being a bad idea from a business perspective. In June of 2020, twitch streamers started to play the game, primarily in Brazil and South Korea, with the first notable streamer being Sodapoppin. From there the game skyrocketed, on Twitch and other streaming sites, as the game found a following and as large YouTubers began exposing their multi-million subscriber base.

Cartoon by Cavalcade Staff.

   Students enjoy playing Among Us for a variety of reasons. Junior Aria Malaveetil says Among Us is an “easy game to get the hang of” and “simple.” The game’s free mobile app and small, low-intensity pc file make Among Us very approachable for kids who may not have expensive gaming computers or consoles at the ready. Among Us is also cross-play accessible, allowing people on pc and mobile to play together.

     Junior Afton Stahl notes that the game’s social aspect is important because “we can’t hang out much in-person anymore.” In a time when in-person hangouts can’t happen, games that allow students to play together are important, and Among Us provides both a fun, easy-to-play game and plenty of interaction with friends.