Woodson Weight Room Gets Much-Needed Lift

Sweaty socks and body odor combine to form a musty smell that pervades the air of Woodson’s fitness and weight room. Although the smell might not be pleasant, the room still bustles with activity as determined student-athletes complete their workouts to enhance their performances. In order to continue providing quality services to support this level of determination, Woodson is working on renovating this room to benefit future athletes. 

The fitness and weight room lies in the athletic wing on the west side of the school. Filled with various machines such as treadmills and ellipticals, the room is the optimal place for athletes to build up strength and endurance while having fun with their teammates. 

“We will have music blasting, but it’s easy to get really quiet because we are all so focused on getting it done,” said senior Zoe Hite. “On the flip side, we will be yelling at each other or dancing.”

Because the room has not been updated since 2009, its condition worsened as more students continued using it.

“The current floors of the room were cracking and sinking, the equipment had become worn out, and the entire environment was in need of general repairs and updates for effectiveness and improved safety,” said Mark Hite, president of the Woodson Athletic Boosters Organization.

An image of the upgraded weights in Woodson. Photo courtesy of the Woodson Athletic Boosters Organization. 

In response, the Woodson Athletic Boosters Organization is asking the community to help raise $25,000 for this needed renovation, as the weight room is “in significant disrepair.” Calling this effort Care for Cavs, the organization hopes to advance students’ and athletes’ successes. The decision for renovation was initially prompted by the assessments of the room done by Principal Dr. Carlyn Floyd and Director of Student Activities Dan Checkosky. The Athletic Boosters Organization board then unanimously approved a straight donation of $25,000 and an additional $25,000 from a Cavalier Community fundraising campaign for a total budget effort of $50,000.

“Getting a renovation will make the vibe different,” said senior David Wu. “It will get more people to be in the weight room, especially the football team because not everyone uses it unless the coaches make them.”

In order to reach as many people as possible, a GoFundMe page has been created. As of Nov 29, Care for Cavs has raised $16,942 through the crowdfunding website alone. In total, more than $18,000 has been raised, including online donations and checks made to the boosters organization.

By Leila
The Woodson weight room undergoes renovation. Photo courtesy of the Woodson Athletic Boosters Organization. 

To prepare the room for student-athletes as quickly as possible, the renovation has already begun. As of Nov 15, the floor of the room was being fixed and was in the concrete-drying and curing phase. Painting and laying down padded safety flooring will be the next step.

“The equipment in the room will be all-new ‘Woodson Strength’ inspired weight training racks and safety wrapped ‘bumper plates’ and kettlebells,” said Mark Hite. “The bumper plates are a form of weight that is safer than the older style ‘steel weights.’”

This project is contributing to a big change for the athletic programs. Not only will it upgrade the machines and equipment, but it will also improve the commitment and dedication of student-athletes in the future. 

“The more people [in the weight room], the more bonds will be made,” said Wu. “This will make team chemistry flourish.”