Students Relieve Stress During Virtual Learning

Reagan Dempster, CavCulture editor

Students bite their nails while beginning their first online tests. Students take on assignment after assignment from teachers trying to make up for lost class time. The unfamiliar environment can be hard to adjust to and stressful because it is a new experience, not only for the students, but the teachers too. Here are some ideas to relieve stress of online school.  

Playing calm music in the background while doing homework has helped many students relax and keep from getting anxious while working on school. There are many playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube made specifically for studying and homework. 

“Creating music really helps me feel less anxious about school,” said junior Jada Bromberg. “It helps me because it is something that I am really excited about.” The school-issued laptops make listening to music available to all Woodson students, which is a great way to attempt to reduce stress. 

Joanna Park with her dog Winter. Photo courtesy of Joanna Park.

Spending time with pets or family is another easy way to reduce stress and anxiety.  School can be very busy and tiring, so it can be easy to forget to do things as simple as spending time with your family. Taking time away from school work to talk to family members or spend time with pets can be a good mental break to recharge the mind.

“I like spending time with my dog because he makes me very happy,” said junior Joanna Park. “My dog is a white bichon poo.” 

On Cav Kiosk, there is a link to a Woodson Wellness Google Site. It was created by Woodson students specifically for stress relief. The Woodson Wellness website has links to sources that Woodson students have found helpful, such as breathing exercises, relaxing sound effects such as whale sounds and beach waves, relaxing visuals like jellyfish in the ocean, animal cams, coloring and drawing websites, meditation exercises and inspirational quotes and Ted Talks about living a happy life and not getting stuck on the negatives.