Say Goodbye to Lunch Break Boredom

Cavan Griffin, Staff Writer

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, students have been given a lot more free time. With time between classes fluctuating between 2 hours and only 30 minutes, there are quite a few things students can do, whether it be playing a round or two of Among Us or asking your teacher for a little extra help. Many students have picked up unusual hobbies that they sink all their time into or just use applications to talk to one another about how their days are going. The spare time of online classes is nothing to scoff at. What students do with all this extra time is up to them, though. 

Many students have picked up various hobbies since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and most of those students spend time during their return periods doing said hobbies, though some people may not know what to do during off periods. 

“Schedule a Skype or FaceTime session with your friends and family,” NorthWest Arkansas Community College recommends, since people are not able to spend time together physically. Many students often call each other to see what they need to do for class. Another hobby to spend your free time with is “[keeping] a journal. It can be a safe way to express your feelings,” said NorthWest Arkansas Community College. Writing a journal helps you solidify your thoughts and helps your mind clear, as well as helping you focus throughout the day. 

Many people spend their day on the computer, so when you can, “disconnect from the world for a little while,” said NorthWest Arkansas Community College. “Listen to relaxing music and just stare out the window” for a little bit. Many people are very busy throughout the day, so taking a bit to just relax isn’t a bad idea.

Gauging what students do during their lunch isn’t very hard, as most are on their phones or something of that nature. What else do students do during their free time amidst the coronavirus pandemic? 

“I chill with my friends over a social media platform called Discord. I also like to play Destiny 2 with them during my free time,” is what junior Vinh Nguyen says his lunchtime activities are. People de-stress in many ways, such as talking to friends and playing games you enjoy. These activities can help ease the stress brought on by school. 

“I mainly play games with my friends and get a snack to eat,”  says junior Kyle Baron, showing that some people still use lunch time for its intended purpose, to eat. 

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Woodson has given its students a generous amount of time to spend. Sometimes it’s hard to find a use for all that time you’re given. Patrick Gilbert, a junior, recommends to “eat a sandwich, game, or sleep,” which is the mentality that many students are changing to so they can try to catch up on some sleep before the next day begins.

While many students spend their time chatting with their friends, others spend their time playing games to take a load off before next class.