Veterans: Thank you for your service

November 11 is a day of honor and remembrance, known internationally as “Poppy Day” and as Veterans Day in the United States. After the end of the Great War in 1918, an international celebration of armistice was conducted in honor of those who came home and gave all to their country. Today the original tie continues to be recognized.

“Veterans Day honors and celebrates all of those Americans that served their country in the military,” said Marine Corps Veteran Michael Ferraris. “At Woodson, we try to have a breakfast or luncheon to honor those veterans at Woodson High School.”

As American citizens and observers of this day of remembrance, we too are invited to celebrate alongside our fellow service members and veterans and become more aware of sacrifices they’ve made and continue to make for our freedom.

 “We veterans may certainly seem grumpy,” said former Navy Seal Shawn Ryan, “but the reality is we just want to know that our fellow Americans who have died in combat aren’t forgotten.”

At Woodson, the amount of student-veteran support is significant.

“It’s important to take this day to honor the men and women who served,” said senior Jake Samuel, club leader of Operation Patriot. “At Operation Patriot, our goal is to support and give back to the veteran community in northern Virginia. This year for Veterans Day we will be hosting a virtual Wounded Vet visit for students to talk and wish our servicemen well.”

In a society that has cultivated taking a life of freedom for granted, too often we live unaware of what some friends, neighbors and family members go through to allow us to sleep in peace at night.

“The best way to become aware is to serve yourself,” said Sgt. Ramos, Woodson USMC recruiter. “We come from a generation where our parents, grandparents and great grandparents stood their ground to defend something they were proud of, whether in WWI, WWII, etc.”

The Armed Forces medley may be heard here:

Video Courtesy of Marshall G. on Youtube

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