Woodson Graduates: Where are They Now?

During this time when all we have to do as students is sit in our chairs and stay in class, you have to be wondering, what are the people who have graduated Woodson doing? To answer that question, we at the Cavalcade have asked multiple Woodson graduates what they are doing and how they are doing it while they are at home. From still being in college to designing ships for the Coast Guard, Woodson graduates are doing all sorts of things.


One Woodson graduate is currently working on teaching first graders. She has dedicated much of her time to creating a classroom within her house so that her students can get the best possible education that they can. At one point, she said, “This whole working from home thing is weird, but there is nothing that can be done except to keep on teaching.” She is just a new teacher, and this is only her second year teaching, but she is still working hard to provide the best education possible.


Another graduate is currently spending his time designing ships for the Coast Guard. He has been spending his days in meetings and creating important blueprints for ships. He told us that “while it is strange to not be able to see others from my job, I am mostly doing the same thing by sitting in meetings most days.” With his days going by at a much slower pace than others, he is using his free time to polish his skills in Call of Duty: Warzone.


While some graduates have it easy during this time, other graduates are taking a more active role in the fight against Covid-19. One graduate has been working at the National Health Council to spread awareness and details about what you should do should you come into contact with Covid-19. She said, “Even though I may only be coordinating the social media side of the National Health Council, I still feel as though I am helping people stay safe.” In the little free time that she has had, she likes to visit family and play with her pets. 

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