Woodson Clubs Bring Creativity To Virtual Meetings

Gaby Alvarado, News Editor

With the delicious scent of food surrounding the members and the karaoke machine blasting music, Spanish Club celebrated the holiday season and looked forward to what 2020 had in store for their club, oblivious to the worldwide pandemic that would hit three months later and change the way clubs are held. With school now online, student clubs and organizations face the challenge of adapting to the new virtual interface. What once included parties, food, and music, is now limited to online meetings. With all the new limitations, clubs have to find creative ways to engage club members. Let’s take a look at how Woodson students have made the best out of the seemingly dire situation.

Sitting behind a laptop and viewing presentations can get tiresome and boring; something that club presidents understand. Whether it’s through cooking shows or movie nights, clubs have implemented fun and interactive ways for students to connect even when they’re behind a screen.

“Bingo, cooking segments, and movie nights are all things we are hoping to do,” says senior Teddy Geis, president of Spanish Club. While their usual club parties will have to remain at a standstill for the time being, he has high hopes for the club and believes their engaging activities will help make up for the online meetings.

Photo courtesy of Vinhan Truong

IT Girls, a club dedicated to promoting tech interest among girls, also has found ways to accommodate the new online learning platform. While it will be harder to host immersive events, the club isn’t letting the distance damage their goal of providing opportunities to an underrepresented group within technology. Senior Vinhan Truong, president, is dedicated to providing resources to help members succeed by hosting panels of guest speakers such as women in STEM careers and providing internship opportunities.

While the change to distance learning can be new and confusing, Woodson leaders have overcome challenges in hopes of providing the best club experiences possible. Many have turned to creative and interactive methods to ensure members are engaged and excited about participating.